Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rhythm of Life

I watched her today as she held the jump rope, swung it over her head, jumped, and got herself tangled before her feet even hit the ground again.  I watched her as she repeated this process over and over without wavering.  She took a deep breath and with careful calculation tried her best to make even the smallest change that could bring about the positive outcome she was looking to achieve; that one small move that would correct her rhythm and make all her work worth it.  She never did jump over the rope and yet she succeeded still.

She has learned over time that life is not a black and white measure of one's success.   She has had to learn the hard way that we don't always physically see the equal outcomes of getting from something what you put into something, but with that she has also learned that mentally and emotionally she gets what she gives, and so she gives it her all.  She tries with all her might in everything she does, every single ounce of everything she has is poured into her cup of life.

When she was finished jumping rope she looked at me and smiled.

"You will get it.  Just keep practicing." I said gently.

"I know," she panted as she wiped the sweat from her brow.  "It will be quite easy really, I just have to get my feet off the ground at the right time."

"Such is life," I thought to myself.  The only danger is letting fear keep your feet planted on the ground.  We all just need to find our rhythm.

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