Thursday, September 4, 2014


She took his hand gently and whispered, "come with me," tugging him a little, his feet unmoving.

"Don't want to," he replied shyly, nervous-like, feet shifting, staring at the ground.

"Come on, don't be scared. There is nothing out there. Sissy is with you." She gave his chubby little hand a gentle tug again.

"Don't want to," he repeated.

She looked intensly into his big grey eyes. They were as deep as the sea and filled to the brim with emotion. Scanning back and forth from one eye to the other she tried to read him like a book. "Really buddy it will be just fine, I will hold your hand the whole time. I'm not going anywhere."

He paused and thought for a moment. He stared at the ground and waved his foot back and forth in the dry straw like grass. "Sissy stay?"


"Sissy stay, forever?"

She paused suddenly as if the word forever had struck her somehow. She stared over his head into the distance, as he stared into her eyes waiting for the reassurance he so desperately needed. When he could no longer take the time that was passing, he gave her shirt a gentle tug to remind her that he was there. She looked down at him and smiled. "Yes, sissy will always be with you, no matter what."

He smiled and reached out his hand. She tenderly took it. Together they walked off, hand in hand. with a new found reassurance that no matter what they would always have each other.  

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