Friday, July 11, 2014

Forever Friends

She sat quietly enjoying a book.  He stood closely looking on, nudging her every few seconds, a constant reminder of his presence.  She found it quite easy to ignore him at first, having nearly four years of experience, but as time passed and his persistence only got stronger, she found it best to just give in.

She gently shifted over and motioned for him to join her.  He threw his leg up onto the chair as if he was climbing an obstacle course plopping heavily beside her.  As she began to read aloud he became entranced, enthralled, with every passing word that left her lips.  He shifted his gaze slightly from time to time only to see if the pictures on the pages matched the words she magically lifted from them, each time they did a little giggle would softly echo from deep inside him.

As the story drew on their connection drew closer, so intertwined that even their feet would adjust ever so slightly, at the same times, in the same manner.  When the story was finished, she closed the book.  She looked at her little brother, and he at her.  Their faces now told more of a story than the fairy tale she had read to him.

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