Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Foyer

Our foyer tells a story far beyond clutter, like a page torn straight from an Eye Spy book depicting the unfortunate necessities scattered among normal every day life . It is the picture of tragedy and the aim for normalcy crammed into one small space, one small lifetime. 

It is; the magical moments, the triumphs, the wars, the adventures, the milestones. It is the let downs, the set backs, the moments of weakness, the heart cries, the knees hitting the floor, and heads hung in sorrow. It is standing back up, brushing off the dirt, the holding of hands, the coming of forces, feeling stronger than ever. It is knowing right now whatever we face we are doing it together. 

We are doing our best, as one, to combine; love, truth, pain, and normalcy. Every single item in that foyer holds more memories than the space they take up on the tile floor. Sometimes our spaces just aren't big enough to hold all they must hold, and that's okay.

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